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From 1999
Please note that Frontier Land is now Closed!

My Day Out

Hello, My name is Andrew,
I am 8 years old and I livein Birstall, West Yorkshire

On Saturday at 9:30 in the morning
Mum, Dad and me Andrew set off in the car for day out. It took two hours to get there and it took only
one hour to get back.

 On the way to we saw a
crash in the middle of the motorway andwe had to wait.

My Dad started telling jokes so I
wouldn't get fed up in the car. I laughed my head off. My Dad thinks he's funny, but he's not really, I just like to laugh!

The weather was about 55 degrees. When we got there it was 12:30pm, then we had a picnic, after that we went to
Frontier land and it was very,
very excellent.

   Mum and me went on the
dodgem cars, she could not get
away from me, so I kept on banging in to her, it was great fun.


I saw one of my friends from my school in Birstall. We went on the sombraro, then on the very big slides, then Neil, he's my friend, and I went on the Silver Mines. Then Neil had to go then with his Mum and Dad to catch the train home.

I saw some men dressed up like
cowboys, shooting each other. The guns made very loud bangs, I had to cover my
ears with my hands. When the shooting
was finished all the men that had been
shot and was laying on the floor stood up
and took a bow, they wasn't really dead.

Then we had tea at Wacky Warehouse.
Then we went home and I fell fast asleep.

   I even tried to hide so I didn't have to go home... I'll be back!